Our specialty is auto gas systems for high power vehicles, ie. The installation of large engines. Modern auto gas appliances have to control the fuel mixture so as to provide unchanged engine characteristics. In other words, there is no difference between driving on gas or fuel.

A petrol you always remain as an alternative, just flip the switch.

We install only proven the Italian gas system, and always follow the market new products and technologies.

Can you entrust your pet with certainty that it will work on it trained professionals and that all equipment will be installed to the highest standards.

Your car guarantee quality, safety, durability and stable operation. SEQUENT systems incorporate since 2002. We have rich experience in almost all car models. See a photo gallery of the models that interest you and for examples of installation .

With us you can install only original and tested equipment with 2-year warranty with no mileage limitation.

Any departure from the factory set to get cheaper prices installation, usually causing difficulties in operation of the vehicle and damage to the engines. Our advice is not to save on quality installation, because it is a condition that you would save on gas while driving.